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A lot. Even though she is not used to drinking and gets drunk after 1 drink, she ends up drinking 3 martinis. Anyway, a few diary entries later, she is ready for her first task on screen. In Victorian England, the day always starts with a prayer in the family chapel. She has a big breakfast, and then she gets dressed in her corset and Victorian garb. She is laced in quite tightly and feels like she can barely breathe. A cute dog apparently. On camera. In front of not only Max and his family, but also the entire camera crew.

The Corset Diaries

Two embarrassments in a row for our dear Tessa. Not very well, it seems. She manages to apologise to Max, who for some reason finds her incredibly sexy. He is 35, handsome and has a daughter. She insists that she is way too old for him as if 4 years makes that big of a difference at that age… and she is way too fat for him to find her really attractive.

Also, she has this weird thing about having sex with him, going down on him, but not wanting to kiss with tongues because she finds it too intimate? This character really made hardly any sense to me. So he is in fact a very distant descendant of the English Duke that he is pretending to be on screen here. But eccentric characters, overeager amateurs, sexual shenanigans and some clever sabotage ensure that excitement and fun are never lacking.

With pain, fear, and their individual pasts clouding their feelings, can these two ever make it in real life?

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This latest Katie MacAlister novel simply bubbles over with wit, fun and hilarity. You can thank me later, right now you have to pack. You got me a research job that pays ten grand? And get the roof repaired. The money would certainly come in…hey! What basic necessities? Now that we have that settled, are there any other questions?

Or drunk. Get hopping, Tessa. Yes, as I thought, your plane leaves at six tomorrow night.

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Gives you all the time in the world to pack and tie up loose ends. I blinked a half dozen more times, then rallied my wits.

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An English TV show? Honestly, honey, you need to make a little more effort to pay attention.

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I slumped down into a nearby chair, staring sightlessly out the window at the cows wandering through the tall yellow flowers in the pasture across the street from me. A few deep, calming breaths later, I was able to start figuring out what he was trying to tell me.

I rubbed my forehead. Undergoing a conversation with Pierce was never something I took lightly. Exactly what am I supposed to do for a month on a TV show if not act? Your job is to give him an heir in exchange for his title. I fell out of the chair. I crawled back into the chair.

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I ignored the slur and concentrated. Girl, I wet my pants just thinking about him! Max is actually a descendant of the Duke of Bridgewater. Fifth cousin once removed or something like that.