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Terrific topic again! Although we do not live in snake country or scorpions, deep in the woods we do have the copperhead and cotton mouth, so I would like to have the kit just in case. But I have a little story, I have a very plain not very big yard. One typical day, our dogs have been out, and later on my Siberian Husky had her right side of her nozzle close to her eye a bit swollen. She did not wanted me to open her mouth, I thought perhaps was something with her teeth.

So I decided to give a dose of hypericum. She seems to be uncomfortable like in pain. It was not helping and by late afternoon the swelling seems to be getting worse, then I took a look at her again and decided to try Apis she did not appear to have a sting or show any sign of it. Lord and behold in about 20 minutes her swelling started to go down, and blood was coming out from the corner of her right eye.

We could see she felt better, relieved from the remedy.

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Repeated the Apis late that night before bedtime, by next morning some more blood has come out of the same eye, all swelling was gone. She was feeling good, acting normal and my husband and I were amazed at what Apis has done. But we still do not know what had caused her the problem.

Was it a spider? But she was digging behind a shed we have. So Dr. Falconer if you have any idea what Apis might have help with, I appreciate your opinion. Kenna, the Husky completely recovered. How about a snake, Esther? Too cold for a snake in the shed? It was a discharge in this case, and part of her healing.

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It was old, useless blood that needed to come out, and you saw she felt fine and acted well, so watched respectfully. Good work! Falconer I think it was too cold for a snake, the shed is attached to the house, I have never seen a poison snake around here in my yard since I am not in a wooded area. I have seen garden snakes, and a couple of all black snakes which I do not know what kind they are that they seem to move real fast, almost run I do not think these ones are poison either, but I have seen them in the summer not in cold weather.

This happened like a couple of months ago. If there was any necrotizing tissue or blood disorganizing it must have been inside her nose close to her eyes. You could not see anything from outside except the swelling on that side. Oh no, it did scare me, but I decided to keep my cool and watch! Yes, the blood was part of her healing, and the transformation of the animal was amazing.

It was obvious she felt much better 20 minutes of so after taking Apis. But whatever it was, it is amazing that Apis took care of it.

My husband think it could have been a poison spider, but we are not sure. I would like to know if homeopathic echinacea can aggravate autoimmune conditions the way the regular herb can? Who says echinacea will aggravate autoimmune disease? Immunologists say that a stimulated immune system is a balanced one. I just Googled it and also looked on Google Scholar. It appears there is a difference of opinion on this issue. After I had personally had a bad experience with it, my naturopath advised not using it again.

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Yes, understand the opinions, I myself had this fear when I started applying using Transfer Factor for my immune challenged patients. And the possibility is there that you had a bad reaction to the herb in some way, unrelated to your immune system. Herbs are really complex characters, and many have toxic potential.

Several years ago, my Mustang gelding was bitten twice by a rattlesnake just beside his nostril and inside his mouth. I had never treated a snakebite with homeopathy. This horse was very sick from it and was going into shock as well as having breathing problems. My gut feeling was that if I got the regular vet involved that he would get laminitis or not do well.

I used alot of tools in hindsight but it worked. First I used an essential oil on the bite to help pull out the toxins while I figured out what else to do. Then I did some energy work. The coolest part was watching the herd come over and blow on his nose. I gave him a series of homeopathics including ledum, lachesis, and apis and another for shock over a few days as his symptoms changed. The horse completely healed within 5 days. The vet was stunned as he said the healing that had been done in that amount of time was equal to a horse he treated over a couple of weeks.

I am a firm believer in homeopathy and its ability to treat snakebites. To a purist, I probably did too much. But, I also learned not to question my own guidance and to use all the tools available depending on what the horse really needed at that time. Wow, nice work, Lizzy! From sick to completely healed in five days after two rattlesnake bites is amazing.

Natural Horse published the story-it was really amazing and I will never forget my vet friend who wanted desperately to help me with his conventional drugs. My dad is one of those tough old Cowboys.

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  • His hand got bit by a rattlesnake way out in Bloody Basin, AZ. He got sick but obviously survived.

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    The next day it was swollen and sore, but the worst was over. I need to make sure that echinacea is taken out there and kept on hand next trip. Wow, Rie, what a story. And I think, if I was forced to choose one remedy to pack into snake country, it would probably be echinacea in high potency. So much history with even the herbal form that speaks to the body wide toxicity that follows a poisonous snake bite. Thanks for sharing this, and welcome to the Natural Path.

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    Hello, My cat got bit on the thigh of her right hind leg by a rattlesnake, in April of , when we lived on a ranch, in California. The emergency vet did a blood transfusion and pumped her full of Vit K, and she survived. During this last episode, she suddenly experienced major pain in her right hind leg, as well…and then she began to limp on her front right leg. All of the issues are happening on the right side of her body, which is the side of her body she was bit on. Would the homeopathic remedies you mention above still help her, 13 years after getting bit by the rattlesnake, or are there more appropriate ones that would work better at this point?

    Also, where can I purchase the homeopathic remedies? Best of luck with her, what ever you choose. My husbands horse was bitten by a rattlesnake sometime through the night, last night. My husband rushed him to the vet this morning and they gave him some shots. We live in a small town in NM and I was wondering if i ran to the herb store and picked up Echinacea tablets, if that would be okay to give him and how many of the mg tablets? I am sorry if this sound like a simple question, I am new at all of this.

    Thanks in advance. Thank you in advance. Search my Resources page for the AVH list and see who you can find who can get remedies to you.