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But what exactly was the nature of his sin.

Barnhouse stated:. What this iniquity was is revealed to us in some detail in the prophecy of Isaiah, but here are already interesting indications in our passage that we may not pass by. The fact given here is that iniquity came by what we might term spontaneous generation in the heart of this being in whom such magnificence of power and beauty had been combined and to whom such authority and privilege had been given. Here is the beginning of sin.

Iniquity was found in the heart of Lucifer. So far as we know, here is the only verse in the Bible which states clearly the exact origin of sin. Other passages only amplify this one. Thus, Satan sinned and was driven out in disgrace, expelled from his high position Ezek. Sin, then, was found in this perfect creature who was created blameless.


Was God the blameworthy cause of sin? This sin must have been included in the eternal plan of God. Buswell steers a careful course in this matter. God is rightly angry with all sin.

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If God is rightly angry with sin, then it follows that the sinner is blameworthy—cosmically, ultimately, absolutely. Henry, ed. As suggested by 1 Timothy and Ezekiel , though created perfect by God Ezek. These arrogant aspirations are described for us in Isaiah Here Satan is not only described as one who fell from heaven and was cut down to the earth vs. As with Ezekiel some question whether this passage may refer to Satan.


Several views are taken: 1 Some interpret Isaiah 14 as applicable only to the fall of the historical king of Babylon mentioned in verse 4. The Scofield Reference Bible is an illustration of this position:. Verses evidently refer to Satan who, as prince of this world system John ; ; ; see Rev , note , is the real though unseen ruler of the successive world powers, Tyre, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, etc. Ezek - This significant passage points back to the beginning of sin in the universe.

See Rev , note. For other instances of addressing Satan through another, cp. Gen ; Mat - Likely the truth includes all of these references; i. Clark, ], So what is it that Satan aspired to become? The Latin equivalent is Lucifer which, on the basis of this passage, became a name for Satan. However, the use of morning star with reference to Satan gives us an indication of the basic character of his plot against God.

What is it that makes the stars shine at night? It is the darkness. In fact, to see their beauty in the clearest fashion, one needs to get away from the man made lights of the city.

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It is the darkness that allows them to shine. We can compare a diamond. Place it in your hand and some of its brilliance with shine, but place it on black velvet and it will leap to brilliance because it can then perfectly reflect the light. No one, neither Satan nor man, can thwart the purposes of God.

I will ascend to heaven. The creature wanted to expel the Creator. The servant wanted to become the served.

I will raise my throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the mount of the assembly in the recesses of the north. Often in Scripture, mountain and hills refer to authority or the right to rule. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.

Seven Schemes of Satan

Pentecost writes:. But the glory that belonged to Lucifer was not inherently his; it was a reflected glory. God, who is the author of glory, God, who is the all glorious One, revealed his glory through the work that came from His hand. It suggests that there was a deficiency in the glory of God and that Lucifer could complete that which was lacking. I will make myself like the Most High. To become like God was first of all to admit that he was not God.

He was only a created being, one created by the Creator. As one who was a creature who had a beginning,. In what way then could a creature be like the Creator? In what way could he be like the most High? He could go from one end of the created universe to another, but he was not omnipresent. There was only one way. That was to be totally and completely independent of any authority outside of himself. He could be like God only in being responsible to no one but himself.

The desire of Satan was move in and occupy the throne of God, exercise absolute independent authority over the angelic creation, bring the earth and all the universe under his authority, cover himself with the glory that belongs to God alone, and then be responsible to no one but himself.

Satan's Seven Schemes : Paul Deparrie :

Here his counterfeit is crystal clear. Satan wanted to be like, not unlike, God. Satan wanted to be as powerful as God. He wanted to exercise the authority and control in this world that rightfully belongs only to God. His sin was a direct challenge to the power and authority of God. And what was the first temptation?

To get man to eat of the tree of good and evil that man, in independent rebellion, might be like God.

Seven Schemes of Satan

Satan is constantly seeking to reproduce this mentality today in the saved and the unsaved alike. And unfortunately, he finds willing targets. How easy it is for us to look at the gifts and abilities and opportunities God has given us, and then, like Satan, to use that to glorify ourselves. This is why one of the godly marks of maturity is think of ourselves according to the grace of God.

Whatever we have, it is God given. So Paul warned that in selecting elders that they should not select a novice, one recently come to the faith lest, being lifted up in pride, he fall into the condemnation incurred by the devil 1 Tim. Daniel In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel, who was named Belteshazzar; and the message was true and one of great conflict , but he understood the message and had an understanding of the vision emphasis mine.

In Daniel the message or revelation from God and its reception was endangered by a great and invisible conflict or warfare going on behind the scenes. As the passage shows, the conflict in mind is an angelic struggle—Satan and his angels against the Lord and His angels and the people of God on earth. Interestingly, saba is used of the service of the Levites.