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A new Dragon Village series! Storm8 Studios. Hatch, raise, and breed dragons on magical islands! Dragon Village. Fighting Breeding City Builder free 2 play fun game for kids, boys and girls.

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Tiny Dragons. Summon, build and match Backflip Studios. I did not love this book for a couple of reasons. One is the writing style.

By using a narrator who talks to the boy, the language is stilted and does not flow well. Example: "Either way, if you want to make friends with dragons, tacos are key.

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Hey, dragon, why do you guys love tacos so much? The part about dragons loving tacos so much is cute. But then he spends half the book talking about how much dragons HATE spicy salsa. Even to the point that the jalapenos in the mild salsa cause a problem. I can't eat spicy foods, but even I can eat mild salsa with jalapenos.

It is not even close to spicy.

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This drags dragons down into the mamby pamby category where they, as fearsome creatures, do not belong! The illustrations are colorful and of a more cartoonish style. The book is advertised for ages years old. I do not see year olds listening to this book and enjoying it. The humor is too mature and more appropriate for older children.

It didn't quite grab my 4 year and 2 year old's attentions, but I think it is a book they could like more around 5 or 6 years old. Written in the style of chirpy self-help books, Dragons Love Tacos speaks directly to readers "Hey, kid! Did you know that dragons love tacos? After presenting tongue-in-cheek instructions for hosting a taco party - a crucial step in making friends with dragons - the book vigorously warns readers to never serve dragons spicy salsa. Why not? We don't want to spoil it, so you'll have to read this hilarious, totally off-the-wall "how-to" to find out. Skip to main navigation Skip to main navigation Skip to search Skip to search Skip to content.

Help Help, opens a new window. Admin Admin Admin, collapsed. Main navigation. Open search form. Search the Catalog Website Events. Enter search query Clear Text. Saved Searches Advanced Search. Search Catalog Website Events. Plus the game would lose the excitement of breeding and become boring This isn't pokemon! The idea is a bit absurd and besides, and most people would want rares, nothing else. What if you have a hacker friend Or 2 or 3 of each?

How about not dragons, but LUCK? It would be like the EBI, but it can be only used for one breeding. Maybe these gifts would be gifted once a week or month. How about that idea?

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I caught up over the limited time special for many missed dragons. Anyone with two of any limited dragon can make an unlimited supply. It would create a black market and eventually snuff out the game. Make it happen, but just with the hibernation cave.

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My girlfriend has been asking me to give her a Leap Year since the beggining of January. Maybe people could make a shop, and then sell dragons. They would cost gems like the store , but someone could put a limited dragon for sale, but for way more then its value. Oh yes, I have been playing at the BEB event. I was just asking what it stood for. Thanks for clarifying it. Sure, "interest DV is just supposed to be a fun app where you have fun by breeding Dragons.

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Okay half no half yes. Heres the yes, you can only get your level dragons, but you can only get a rare if you HAVE one.

Heres the no, IT would make scams such as, " Gimme your celtic, and add me, ill give you gems a day", then dragonvale will become a scam game, and we dont want that, now do we? Maybe during christmas they could give us a dragon like the gift except we can't keep it, we have to send it to a friend. I think they should allow it. But with a few restrictions. For example, u can only gift eggs and only after they r incubated.

And u can't gift any limited,rare or epic dragons. I guess then it would be okay. YES I agree there should be!!

I'm on your side buddy!! I got the rainbow and my friend wants one so now that's basically the only way to get him one now!! I was being sarcastic